Replacement Windows in Lindale, Texas

Replacement Windows in Lindale, Texas

Window Depot USA of Tyler/Longview recently installed replacement windows in Lindale, Texas at the home of Kenneth & Cindy Wies at 19700 Farm to Market Road 1804. This brick home was built in the 90’s and had the standard inferior aluminum builders grade windows installed. The builders crew who did the installation had left a large number of the windows uncaulked, and had done a generally poor job of installation. The windows were leaky and had very little energy efficiency. Some of the seals on the sashes had failed and visibility was poor through some of the windows. It was obviously time for new windows from Window Depot USA. We did our replacement project using the Superior Mezzo Window manufactured by Alside. This window is highly energy efficient and met all of the customers goals when it came to saving his energy dollars. The customer enjoyed the look of the Colonial Grids in his windows so that was maintained in all but a few of the replacements. Living on a very busy Texas Farm to Market Road, the customer noticed one very important side benefit of this particular high-quality window. He immediately noticed how much quieter it was in his home after the install. A large part of the road noise in front of his home was eliminated. Looks like we hit a home run here!

Highlights of replacement windows in Lindale, Texas

• Removed poorly installed leaky windows.
• Installed Highly Energy Efficient Windows.
• New Windows removed a large majority of annoying road noise.
• Customer now has a look and feel they can love.

“The install crew did an excellent job in putting the windows in. The windows have made a significant difference in the road noise we experience and in the energy efficiency of our home.”
– Kenneth Wes, Lindale, Texas.

Before replacement windows in Lindale, Texas

After replacement windows in Lindale, Texas

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